Visualpilots were responsible for creating the decoration for the famous xmas and new year party at Kaserne, Basel in 2013. We created some experimental light and shadow installations which turned out really nice!
Check out our Dragon Hall and Shadow Lounge installations

TIME SHIFTING MAZE is an art installation. Imagine a mirror maze that has not only mirrors to confuse, but also screens that show time shifted video clips of yourself that have been filmed in the corridors of the maze at an earlier moment in time … read more




Interaction design



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We are specialised in designing installations and environments that provide an outstanding interaction with the visitor. In our team we have experts for any aspect of it. Sensors, camera tracking, touchscreens, kinect 3D cameras...you name it. We have a vast experience with cutting-edge technologies and understand how to use and combine them. We have expertise in designing structures...be it temporary or for the longer term, small or big. We like to be part of the creative process from the start and help to shape and enrich the project with our ideas.

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