Visualpilots are a London and Switzerland based collective of creative people formed around the founders Christoph Thüer and Simon Haenggi. Their work combines elements of art, technology and design, creating immersive environments that engage the visitor and invite for exploration. Having extended experience in commercial as well as artistic work, visualpilots try with each new engagement to push the boundaries of all disciplines involved to create surprising experiences and lasting memories.


Simon Haenggi studied interaction design at Hyperwerk, where he developed the iBar system. Shortly after his studies he co-founded the London based company Mindstorm, which soon became one of the leading companies for large scale multi-touch surfaces. Besides being involved with countless projects with Mindstorm he also realized numerous projects with a more artistic approach.
Simon is also the co-founder of the band The Scrucialists and the recording studio onedrop and was involved in many recording projects and live tours throughout Europe since the beginning in 1997.

Christoph Thüer studied Architecture & Urbanism at ETH in Zürich. He started making textile installations with thematic  projections in 1999 with his friends from university. After working in Architecture and Corporate Design Branding he followed his passion for temporary structures and worked with industry leading Group Nüssli for several years on international projects with focus on art fairs, pavilions and  experimental building designs. He made a Master in Interaction design at Domus Academy in Milano 2010 and  founded the company designmobil GmbH in 2011 which is specialized in exhibition and interior design as well as architecture and temporary structures for events.

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