Luminessenz explores the interaction between volumetric light and audio waves in space, a setting at the intersection of the digital and physical world, challenging our spatial perception.

By dividing the common projection screen into thin slices and distributing them across physical space, a spatial grid of projection layers provide a canvas for the visual interpretation of waves passing through air.  The 49 slices are individually controlled by a single projector, which transmits the information into the designated space of luminessenz.

Luminessenz offers surprising perspectives from different angles and the visitor is invited to explore the animated space, walk around and into the installation. The surrounding audience can influence the behavior of the installation and become part of the performance. Luminessenz is sensing the motion of the people passing by or intruding it’s inner space. Feeding from the surrounding data, it is in constant process of synchronization and disruption with it’s environment, digesting our vital signs, observed through sensors embedded in the setting. The immersive installation is driven by a carefully composed soundscape.  Luminessenz is programmed as an independent organism, expressing a dynamic character through it’s designated language:  that of space, light, rhythm  and sound.

The light installation was first shown as part of the exclusive “rabbit hole” event on three nights during Art Basel Fair, 17th-19th June 2014. The full show of the private opening can be seen in the video below.

Creative Direction & Realisation:
Simon Hänggi
Christoph Thüer

Sound design for installation:
Mi Yun Shim

Special thanks:
Volta Show
Christoph Merian Foundation
Kaserne Basel
i art


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